Introducing a new book series: Quiz by Ady Nair

Figuring out what project to tackle first hasn't been an obvious choice for me. I had grand visions, including a couple book ideas I had been mulling over for a while, and a variety of games for which I put together a few ideas and designs. But while I fully intend to keep fleshing all of these out, it has become clear to me that they are long term projects, not something I could get out of the gate in a month or two. There's a few things I wanted to factor in:
  • First and foremost, I think it's important to have one or more finished projects early on, no matter how small or simple. Having something to show for speaks to credibility, of course, but it also makes marketing and communication easier, and less abstract.
  • A clear and realistic path to a finished product is also a major concern of mine. Building and distributing a product from the ground up can be both daunting and expensive. It involves a wide array of tasks and skillsets that could command professional help for a quality (and timely) finish. Starting too big could set me up for failure.
  • I also believe in taking incremental steps to find my footing, learn the business and gain exposure. I think of it as investing time in myself, rather than money on the product itself. I want to capitalize on the experience for future, more ambitious projects.
But how did I come up with publishing quiz books? In what seems like an eternity ago, before the world went on Covid lockdown, I used to go to a bar with a couple friends for a weekly trivia night. When all social outings ground to a halt, we decided to move trivia night to Zoom with our respective families. And it was great! But as it turns out, coming up with interesting and challenging questions every week was a fair bit of work, and the product was pretty short lived. It seemed like a waste of a good effort and the idea burgeoned from there.
Putting a quiz book together checks all the boxes nicely:
  • New content is fairly straightforward to create, especially if you focus on themes you're already familiar with. We all have one, no matter how quirky!
  • An adequate, custom book cover is a requirement, but beyond that, there's no need for a whole lot of custom illustrations.
  • Self-publishing a quiz booklet isn't inherently different from publishing any other book; it seems like a good way to get familiar with the publishing process itself
So this is the plan for this first project. I will share back some of my experiences as I go, hopefully this proves useful to some of you out there!


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