About Ady Nair

As a computer programmer by trade, my work has been arcane to most people and involved fields and technologies that just don't lend themselves to the casual conversation. Wherever I've been, I became a jack-of-all-trades, reconciling business and tech concepts and solving edge case problems rather than sticking to a narrower, more comfortable niche. There was an appeal to the ever changing challenges, but in hindsight, there was also a lack of sense of direction, and little to show for my work. It's not to say that my contribution wasn't valued, but I started to see myself both as an architect with no building to his name and a cog spinning for no particular reason. It wasn't so much about recognition of my work as my the inability to show some kind of purpose or social value to it, and speak to it.

Ady Nair Publishing started as a sort of petri dish of ideas living rent-free in my head but not fleshed out enough to stand on their own. I had a demanding, full-time job and no bandwidth to spend on them but also an appetite for learning new things and a pretty broad skillset itching to be put to use. Over time, I realized this was my way to cope with a deficit of purpose in my professional life and all I needed to do away with that deficit was to take the time to address it! Eventually, the pandemic gave me the jolt I needed. Professionally, I refocused my work on knowledge transfer and facilitation, which had a more satisfying social value to me, but also bought me time to formulate a plan and paved the way to my transition. 

Looking at the bigger picture, with all social interactions greatly reduced, life became singularly focused on home and family. For me, growing up, that meant bonding with my grandparents over cards, domino and chess, which later evolved to a mixture of old school pen & paper roleplaying games, board games and video games. Thinking back on it, it was never just about the entertainment value; it was mostly about sharing an experience with the people I cared for and figuring things out together. It also turned out to be a powerful learning tool that exposed me to a multitude of new concepts and cultures. To this day, I believe these would have been exceptionally hard to come by for a kid my age and opened my horizon in meaningful ways. It also shaped up to what I see today as the company's mission statement:

Bring people together through entertainment, culture and education. 

The entertainment aspect will consistently be front and center: most published products will revolve around a game concept. These products will also focus on providing some form of cultural value, in a broad sense, whether it consists in tapping into my geek roots, pop culture, arts or History. Last but not least, I want these projects to be an opportunity to learn and this website will be integral to that: as I climb my way up the learning curve, I will be sharing back the lessons I learn along the way, whether it relates to my experience as a small business owner, personal finance or more crafty considerations around the product design.  I hope this new venture lives up to these lofty goals, with your help and support!

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